Home Furniture Trends 2023

home furniture trends 2023

If you’re thinking about redoing a room or adding a new piece, it’s helpful to know which styles and trends will last. Luckily, we talked to two design experts to find out which pieces will still look fresh in 2023 and beyond. From ’70s-inspired shapes to curvaceous silhouettes, see how you can bring these home furniture trends into your own space.

While many of these trends are already popular, they will continue to gain popularity in 2023 and beyond. That’s because they’re timeless, comfortable, and versatile. We’re also seeing some new additions to this list, like rattan, marble, and statement stoneware.

One thing we can predict is a continued focus on sustainable design. Meghann Van Dorn, director of interior design at the Architectural Team, says homeowners will keep prioritizing eco-friendly trends. That means avoiding toxic finishes and opting for woods like eucalyptus, hickory, and oak in furniture and other decor. We’re also seeing a return to biophilic touches, which are designed to make us feel closer to nature. Think plants, stone surfaces, and woven fabrics.

Another way to embrace the green trend is by using recycled materials in your furniture and decor. This is an easy way to make your home feel more environmentally conscious, while also bringing in some texture and interest. You can try this look with a coffee table made from reclaimed wood or with a sideboard with rattan doors.

In terms of colors, we’re seeing a lot of neutrals and soft blues making an appearance in home furniture trends 2023. For example, Pantone’s Color of the Year, Digital Lavender, is a gentle purple pastel that can add a pop of color to your living room or work as the main player in a boudoir. Meanwhile, muted hues like dove gray can help create a cozy bedroom or sophisticated dining room.

If you’re looking for a more dramatic impact, you can always go with dark wood tones. Ginger Curtis, owner and principal designer at Urbanology Designs in Dallas, says this timeless material will be back next year and can add a sense of elegance to your home. “It’s a good option to use for cabinets, vanities, and built-ins,” she says. “Just be sure to balance it with light wood or white or ivory pieces to avoid overpowering your space.”

A lot of the other furniture trends in 2023 are a refresh of current styles. That’s especially true of curves, which are having a moment. From slope-armed sofas to rounded accent chairs, designers are demonstrating how this shape can combine comfort factor with high-level style desirability. Consider a chair from Bontempi Casa, Edra, or Arflex to get the look.

Other furniture styles that are enjoying a comeback include tufted upholstery and sofa beds. These comfy options can perform multiple functions, which is ideal in small spaces where multitasking is a must. Plus, they can come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any space. You can even test out this trend with a tufted velvet couch, which can easily add a touch of glamor to your bedroom or give a dining room a cozy feeling.